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Liberate Your Plate

We invited Jennie Wright of Heirloom to share her top 3 tips to liberating our plates! Jennie was the guest speaker at our SOULfood: Community + Conscious Conversation event. We discussed how plant-based eating is a part of our culture, our health and is a form of activism & the importance of building community around sustainable living.


“Practicing sustainability is an act of Preservation.”

— Jennie Wright 

Whether you are vegan or looking to incorporate more plant-based foods in your diet, it's always best to make small changes towards more conscious eating.  For me, the thought of shifting to a more plant-based diet seemed daunting and not accessible.  My perception of who identified as vegan or plant-based was not a person who looked like me or someone who was in my economic bracket.   I built Heirloom to share my journey to becoming more sustainable through the lens of a Black woman. I share tips and stories about how I have shifted my internal narrative on what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle, and how my relationship with food has evolved with these changes.  


3 Tips to Liberating Your Plate:

1. Decolonize your image of plant-based eating: For people of color, going back to our roots and seeing how our ancestors prepared meals is a great way to start your journey.  Even if you do not know the specific region or country you may come from, you can research recipes or ask for family recipes.

2. 80/20 Rule: Try making your plate 80% or more plant-based and 20% protein (plant-based or other). 80% of my plate is always non-starchy vegetables, and since I am a pescatarian, my 20% protein includes fish, legumes, beans, eggs, etc. 

3. Create a colorful plate of food: Creating a colorful plate of food is a great way to make sure you are getting a variety of nutrients in your diet. "Eating the rainbow" can help ensure your meals are nutritionally balanced, and you get the added plus of your food is visually appealing. Dark leafy greens are a great source of fiber, sweet potatoes are a rich source of iron and calcium, apples improve heart health, brown rice aids in lowering cholesterol, and corn contains vitamin D.  If I incorporate all of these ingredients in my meal, I can be assured it's well balanced and beautiful to eat!

Shifting our relationship and habits with food benefits us individually as well as our communities. 


Learn more about Jennie

Jennie Wright is a sustainability advocate who is working to shift the narrative around sustainability specifically amongst people of color. Jennie uses her platform, Heirloom, to show an accessible sustainable lifestyle & activate inclusive conversations about sustainable practices

Many Black communities and communities of color are suffering from the direct correlation between racism and environmentalism. Having access to a compost facility, having land, having access to farmers markets are all luxuries that people of privilege take for granted. Jennie hopes to show people that you can be sustainable, with what you have. This is not a new lifestyle for people of color, it’s just time that we get back to the basics!

Connect with Jennie on social media at @Heirloombk!


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