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The Junious sisters, Alyssa and Toni, created Soultry Sisters to empower women to live creative and healthy lives. They were born and raised in San Diego, California and wanted to give back to the arts and wellness community in North County. 

Our Mission

Soultry Sisters believe that arts and wellness is a birthright and should be accessible to all. Our mission is to address the lack of representation of diverse race and socioeconomic status in the wellness industry by providing affordable and accessible events for women of color. We collaborate with female entrepreneurs, women-led businesses, and community-based organizations to increase visibility of the diverse women in our community and connect women of color to these necessary wellness resources. We strive to make wellness more equitable and empower women of color to live vibrant and creative lives. We believe holistic health and wellness is the connection of mind, body, soul and community. Our events help reframe health from an individual perspective to a communal approach. Through building community, we help support and celebrate our individual and collective healing journeys.

Meet the Soultry Sisters


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Alyssa Junious

Artist  •  Educator  •  Creator

Alyssa is passionate about using art to express, educate and promote community engagement. She received her BFA in Performance and Choreography from the University of California, Irvine. For the past 10 years, she has worked professionally in the commercial dance, concert dance and theater industry. In 2018, she founded Continuum Arts & Pilates where she works as an independent artist, freelance choreographer, and pilates practitioner.


As an arts and wellness advocate, she has a holistic approach to teaching movement-based classes. She believes creative expression is a way for us to explore, investigate, and heal collectively. Alyssa loves studying bodies in motion and enjoys empowering people through the pilates method. Her work is centered around empowering people to honor and celebrate their bodies. Check out her class schedule here.


Continuum Arts is a platform for artists to collaborate and tell their stories. As a social conscious artist, She is dedicated to creating work that serves to initiate conversation.Her work serves to protest injustice, proclaim life’s gifts and provide for my community. Learn more about her work here.
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Toni Lynn, MPH

Researcher  •  Writer  •  Healer

Toni is a public health and holistic wellness practitioner passionate about improving health and health equity in her community. She has worked in women’s wellness, disease prevention, community outreach, and qualitative and quantitative community-based research to increase access to resources to help individuals reach optimal health and well-being. Toni graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Global Cultures, and a minor in Medical Anthropology. She received her Masters of Public Health (MPH) in Global Health Epidemiology at the George Washington University, Milken Institute School of Public Health.


Toni is also a 200 HR certified yoga teacher, community herbalist, and

full-spectrum doula. Through a holistic approach, she blends health equity, sexual and reproductive justice, and empowerment to address the root causes of dis-ease and help women heal from the inside - out.


She enjoys sharing her love for adventure and wellness to help women of color cultivate a vibrant and purpose-filled lifestyle. She loves curating soulcare rituals and spaces to stay grounded, manifest your dream life, and find healing through intentional living.


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Toni’s vegan journey has been strengthened by having her sister and mom join her during last year’s 21-Day Vegan Fresh Start. They just celebrated one year of being vegan and Toni’s credits our large community of black vegan women for helping her sustain her vegan journey.

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Empower women to live vibrant and shine bright through creative expression + conscious holistic living 
Create a safe space and provide women arts + wellness resources that are affordable and accessible


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