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Arts & Wellness Events

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Join us for some Sisterhood!

We host in-person & virtual mixers, meetups, workshops and events centered around arts, wellness, sustainability and sisterhood.

Join our 3rd Annual Festival!

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Join us for our upcoming programming & events!

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Soultry Hangout 

For the month of May we will be counting down to our annual Summer Soulstice Festival and hanging out with some of the San Diego based artists who will be featured at this year’s Festival. We invite you to join us for a conversation about art, wellness and everything in between.
Together we will also reflect on the creative and spiritual practices that inform the work that we do and share with our communities. 


Community Discussion Schedule

May 1 - May 29

Wednesday's 4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST

May 1: 2024 Festival Theme  |  Watch Replay here

May 8: Sound Healing & Music  |  Watch Replay here

May 15: Herbalism + Healing Arts |  Watch Replay here

May 22: Power of Craftivism  |  Watch Replay here

May 29: Community Care + Liberation |  Watch Replay here

YouTube, Facebook & Instagram Live

Upcoming Soultry Events

Upcomin Events



Soultry Sisters' mission is to empower women of color to LIVE VIBRANT & SHINE BRIGHT through soulcare, collective healing and sustainability.Generous donations to our Soultry Fund help us bring affordable and accessible arts and wellness resources to our community! If you are interested in attending our events but experiencing a financial hardship, please complete our scholarship form. If you'd like to help us bring more  affordable and accessible arts and wellness workshops, events ad resources to our community, please make a donation to our  Soultry Fund.

 Virtual Community Events

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Building a mindfulness practice through walking!

We’re excited to share we'll be continuing our Step N Stride Challenge in 2023.  Walking has become one of our favorite soulcare practices and we want invite you to add walking to your routine. We want to promote walking as a practice to connect with nature & mindfully move our bodies. Our goal is to walk 1.5 miles each day - so 45 miles by the end of the month. This is a virtual challenge that can be done wherever you are! We’re excited to continue our walking challenges and look forward to steppin and struttin with you all.

Join our Step N Stride Challenge and get access to the Nike Run challenge leaderboard + have accounta
bility with us.  

Join our challenge each month by the 1st of each month & be eligible to win a FREE pass to our Soul Flow Mindful Movement Classes!

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Join our Soultry Book Club! 

We love reading books in community with you. Our goal for our book clubs is to choose books that promote soulcare & align with the work we do. The discussions are an opportunity for us to share our reflections and work through the book together. All are welcome — whether you’re reading along with us, are a fellow Love enthusiast, or haven’t read yet and wanna join the discussion.

Our Book Club Series will resume FALL 2024!

Soultry Sister Hangouts

Grab some tea, get comfortable, and join us for a community discussion. Our Soultry Hangouts will be dedicated to checking in, celebrating our sisterhood, and sharing our journeys with you.


Lets connect, create & celebrate together!

Learn more about Soultry Sisters services.

Are you interested in working with Soultry Sisters?

We have a variety of offerings we'd like to share with you! We host events, workshops, mixers and meetups centered around arts and wellness. 

Collaborate with Soultry Sisters

Want to collaborate with us? 


We carefully curate our events & workshops to ensure collaborators are enhancing our programming. We are always looking to introduce new and exciting collaborators to our Soultry Sisters Community!



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