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 Community Challenge

Monthly Soulcare Challenge
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Building a mindfulness practice through walking!

Since January 2022 we’ve been steppin’ & stridin’ with our Soultry Community. We’re excited to share we'll be continuing our Step N Stride Challenge in 2024  Walking has become one of our favorite soulcare practices and we want invite you to add walking to your routine. We want to promote walking as a practice to connect with nature & mindfully move our bodies. Our goal is to walk 1.5 miles each day - so 45 miles by the end of each month. This is a virtual challenge that can be done wherever you are! We’re excited to continue our walking challenges and look forward to steppin' & struttin' with you all.

Join our Step N Stride Challenge and get access to the Nike Run challenge leaderboard + have accountability with us.  


Join our Soultry Sanctuary to get access to more soulcare practices and daily community check-ins throughout the challenge.


Celebrate with Us!

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Join our walking challenge by the 1st of each month and win a FREE pass to our Soul Flow classes. Soul Flow is a mindful movement series. Each month co-founders Alyssa and Toni will alternate teaching virtual Pilates and Yoga classes. These virtual movement classes are an extension of our online membership where we provide guided movement practices for our community. This live class is an opportunity for us to collectively practice and reflect on how movement is serving us in our personal healing journey. 

Strut with us!

Tag @SoultrySisters + use our hashtag #StepnStrideChallenge in your photos and videos of your walks or dance breaks
& we'll feature you on our social media.

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Follow us on Spotify! 

Enjoy this playlist during your daily walks. We hope it keeps you motivated during our Step n Stride walking challenge!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to download the NikeRunClub App for participate in the walking challenge?
Yes, If you would like to officially join the Step N Stride Challenge. If you would prefer to just walk in community with us, we invite you to tag us in your walks by using the hashtag #StepnStrideChallenge. 

Q: Does the NRC app sync with the apple watch or fitbit?
To our knowledge it does not. In order to record you walking miles, you will need to use the NRC app during your walks. 

Q: Do I have to walk everyday?
A: No, we focus on walking a total of 45 miles each month. We do encourage some type of mindful movement each day. We have a mindful movement playlist available on our YouTube channel. By signing up for the challenge, you will get access to weekly journal prompts you can use to reflect throughout the challenge and use as a mindfulness practice.

Q: Do I need to live in the San Diego or Washington D.C. area to participate?
No, this is a virtual walking challenge. You can join us from anywhere around the world.

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