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Soultry  Services

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Let's work together!


We have a variety of offerings we'd like to share with you!

Arts & Wellness



Guest Speaking

Wellness Education


Let's share, learn & grow together!

Businesses we've worked with

Are you interested in working with the us?

We have a variety of offerings we'd like to share with you! We host events, workshops, mixers and meetups centered around arts and wellness. 

Community Organizations we've worked with

Are you interested in partnering with the us?

We carefully curate our events & workshops to ensure collaborators are enhancing our programming. We are always looking to introduce new and exciting collaborators to our Soultry Sisters Community!

Soultry Services


Guest Speaking

We enjoy engaging with our community and collaborating with organizations that align with our mission, vision, and values to share our story. 

Guest Speaking Offered:

- Panel Discussion 
- Event Host
- Motivational Speaking


Arts & Wellness Workshops

We host arts and wellness workshops centered around collective healing, soulcare, and creative expression. Workshops may include a digital workbook. 

Workshop Topics:

- Soulcare Practices
- Sustainability 
- Collective Healing 
- Creative Expression

- Mindfulness

- DIY Crafts


Movement-Based Classes

We teach mindful movement practices that bring attention to how to move with intention and connect to your body.

Movement Formats:
- Dance Fitness: a fun blend of dance, cardio and strength training 

- Soulscape: explore, discover and build awareness of your body in motion

Pilates: movement practice based on improving connection to breathe,                         coordination, strength, flexibility, concentration, and stability

- Yoga: movement practice based on aligning the mind, body and soul


Wellness Education Sessions

We enjoy working with community centers, libraries, public schools,

non-profit organizations, and corporate companies to facilitate educational sessions on our fields of expertise.

Educational Topics:
- Empowerment through Soul-care

- Creative Entrepreneurship 
- Storytelling through Movement
- Embracing Your Sexual Health

- Cultivating a Mindful & Holistic Lifestyle

Interested in working with us?


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