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Meet our Festival Guest Artists

Our festival features San Diego based QTBIPOC artists, wellness advocates, and healers who inspire the work we do here at Soultry Sisters. They will lead arts and wellness workshops, performances, and art installations centered around creative expression, collective healing, and mindful movement.
This year we are asking each guest artist to create a workshop or performance in response to our festival theme, Reclaiming Ancestral Healing. 

Kelsey O. Daniels
Alana Dixon
Ciara Dominique
Astrid Gonzalez
Alyssa "Ajay" Junious
Toni Lynn Junious

Che Che Luna
Lexie Puzon
Ianne Rivera

Alyssa Rose
Katie Ruiz
Pauline Scully
Frankie Simone
Dr. Catherine Sy Luib
Rose Tuttle

Workshop Descriptions

Learn more about our workshops!

Our festival includes 7 arts and wellness workshops centered around creative expression, collective healing, and mindful movement. We asked each guest artist to create a session in response to what "Reclaiming Ancestral Healing" means to them. We are excited to feature QTBIPOC artists, wellness advocates, and healers who inspire the work we do here at Soultry Sisters Arts + Wellness Collective.


Reclaiming Ancestral Healing Practices | Soultry Sisters

Saturday 10:30-11:30am

workshop description - COMING SOON


“Cellular Splendor” | Ianne Rivera

Saturday 11:45 - 12:45pm

“Cellular Splendor” - a sensual reclamation of pleasure as your ancestral wisdom and Divine birthright. Splendor is defined as a great brightness. In this modern world of distraction, grief, and exhaustion, our light can be easily dimmed. In this immersive Sonic Ritual, sound will be your guide as you journey into the memory of splendor, both inherited and experienced, held within the fundamental essence of your body - your cells, DNA, and energy. This ceremony will encourage you to relieve yourself of the confines of time and claim the ancestral, Divine wisdom alive within you as your infinite source of brilliance.

000514770028 - Che Che Luna.jpg

The Body's Erotic Knowledge: a sensual dance workshop | Che Che Luna

Saturday 2:30 - 3:45pm

This workshop is a space of experiential unfolding, relational interdependence and presencing. The intention of this container is to discover what the body can teach us about our innate erotic energy when we are given permission to listen and be witnessed with compassion. In this container, we are not asking the mind to lead, we are asking the body. Working within the disciplines of eco-eroticism, authentic movement and inherited ancestral knowledge, we will practice building safety in being seen and dive into the liberatory praxis of sensual movement.

Babaylan Dayang Guro - Dr Catherine Sy Luib - Dr. Catherine Sy Luib.jpg

Ritwal Sa Palina (Herbal Healing Ritual) | Dr. Catherine Sy Luib

Saturday 4:00 - 6:00pm

An ancient, indigenous, ancestral Filipino ritual from the Visayas region of the Philippines, practiced for energy cleansing and healing. We will also integrate additional practices with our Gayuma potion (for love, abundance and blessings), Energy attuned water, bayabas tea, breath-work, stretches, movement (for release and purification). We will conclude with our Dalangpan prayers of the four elements which is also represented in the four directions.


Soulscape: Reclaiming Your Healing | Soultry Sisters

Sunday 3:00-4:00pm

workshop description - COMING SOON

Katieheadshot-023 - Katie Ruiz.jpg

Exploring Craftivism | Katie Ruiz

Sunday 4:15-5:15pm

Katie Ruiz's Pompom Project engages the community in a collaborative creative process. Participants are invited to create yarn pompoms that will be installed together in a collaborative artwork. The experience of coming together to create with ones hands and working toward a shared goal promotes investment and pride in the community and shared space.

KELSEY_MLK-46 - Kelsey O. Daniels.jpg

Already Here: An Ancestral Imagination Activation | Kelsey O. Daniels

Sunday 5:30-6:30pm

How often when we speak of ancestors do we deify them as if they’re larger than life or look at what they went through in pity? Do you ever sit with the power that the same magic that sustained them through hellish experiences is available to you in the here and now? In this space we will use collective music making, meditative writing, and daydreaming to get in touch with the messages of love that are already here for us.

Learn more about our
Community Mixer guest artists

Our festival will have 2 community mixers that include an art installation, live performances, music, food, local vendors and dancing. The mixer is a great opportunity to connect with other festival participants. We love creating opportunities for folks in our community to socialize and make meaningful connections with one another.  

IMG-1272 (1) - theholyrainbowclub.jpg

 Live Performance | Alana Dixon

Opening Mixer

Screen Shot 2024-05-27 at 11.05.58 AM.png

 Live Performance | Frankie Simone

Opening Mixer


Culinary Artist | Rose Tuttle

Opening Mixer

DISCORIOT_Spring23_SamZauscherPhoto-14713 - Alyssa Rose Soderberg.jpg

Alyssa Rose | Art Installation

All Community Mixers

IMG_4284 2 - Ciara Dominique.JPG

 Festival DJ | Ciara Dominique

Sunday Closing Celebration

Artists Bio

Learn more about our guest artists!

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