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Mindful March Matness


Join us for our Mindful March Matness Challenge

This month we are focusing on building a mindful movement practice using our pre-recorded pilates and yoga practices that we have available OnDemand through the Soultry Sanctuary. Our intention with this challenge is to find sometime each day to get on our mats and move our bodies. Through this daily movement practice we aim to reconnect to our intentions and cultivate energy to pour into ourselves.

These past two months we have focused on building a walking practice through our #StepnStrideChallenge and this month's challenge is meant to offer another option to mindfully move each day. If you are new to pilates and yoga, this is a great way to invite play and exploration into your daily soulcare rituals.

Starting Friday, March 4th, we will start posting daily on our Soultry Sanctuary community app to:
  • Create space for accountability
  • Share featured workout of the day
  • Check-in to see which movement practices you're enjoying
  • Share our personal reflections post movement practice

"Words become thoughts, thoughts become actions, actions become habits and habits become a lifestyle" - Michelle Hope

If you'd like to participate in this month's Soultry Sanctuary challenge, go to our community page to join our online membership!


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