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Reclaiming Pleasure

Pleasure is important for our holistic health and wellbeing. As women of color, especially Black women, our bodies have been oppressed and have experienced generations of trauma. The erasure of our pleasure has left many of us disconnected from our bodies. Exploring pleasure with our self or with our chosen partners is essential for liberation & healing.

World Pleasure Day

We’re still radiating with energy from the inaugural #WorldPleasureDay livestream event on 8/18. The theme was “The A.R.T of Pleasure” and from the mantra movement and affirmations to the sound healing and discussions, we left feeling energized, open and aligned. La Espiritista shared that living a pleasure-filled life helps us move from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance. We loved exploring the A.R.T. of pleasure to open the mind, celebrate the body & elevate the spirit. Watch the replay of the full event here!

Our session during World Pleasure Day launched our new Soulscape class. We’re excited to continue to share this class with you all, and tap into another aspect of women’s wellness and wellbeing. Soulscape is a movement-based healing and communal practice centered around social emotional health & creative expression. It's an opportunity to explore sensuality and celebrate our bodies. This class will guide you to CONNECT, CREATE + CELEBRATE pleasure as a form of creative expression and healing. Pleasure is all around us & we want to share this practice of embodied movement to find self-love, joy and freedom!


“Pleasure is a gateway to self-knowledge.” Brenda Suarez

The sex oil from The Sacral House is a warm and sensual oil that we love to use not only as lubricant, but also as a fragrance because the smell is divine! This oil has helped us transform our relationship with pleasure + take ownership of our desires and bodies. We've embraced intentionally giving and receiving pleasure by ourselves. It’s become one of our favorite products in our self-care routine.

We're excited to announce our new collaboration with The Sacral House! Use code SOULTRY20 for 20% off any purchase. Checkout the Sacral House for more non-toxic products to tap into your sacral energy & support another women-owned business. Shop more products to add to your pleasure routine here!

Self Pleasure = Self-care

Co-founder Toni recently bought the Unbound Babes vibrator - The Bean. It's a fun new part of her self-care routine! Do you want to try a new toy to tap into your pleasure? Get $10 off your first order of $50 or more from Unbound Babes when you use referral code: TONIJUNIOUS761

Checkout more pleasure products here!

Reclaiming self-love and self-pleasure is a reminder to live vibe-rant & shine bright ;)


Pleasure Activism

We’re enjoying our latest Soultry read by adrienne maree brown! Pleasure is natural & personal. It is a way to reclaim our bodies, explore sensuality, find healing, and connect to ourselves and others.

Pleasure activism is learning what it means to be satisfiable & to generate from within and between us an abundance. This book shares how through pleasure and somatics, we can move towards individual, community and collective liberation.


Women. About. Pleasure.

Pleasure is celebrating our mind, body + soul. Listening to music is one of our must-do’s in our soulcare routine. We curated this playlist to share our fav songs that help us tune into our sensuality, get our creative energy flowing & heal collectively. Let's continue to embrace, embody & empower ourselves in our pleasure journeys. Checkout our Soulscape playlists on Spotify!

How are you reclaiming & embodying pleasure?


Alyssa & Toni


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