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Cultivating Your Altar

Join us for a soulcare workshop on how to create an altar for your own personal practice. An altar is a table or platform for the presentation of tokens or items that one uses in daily rituals to ground themselves with intention. It is often used to help connect with divine energies like nature, spirit or ancestors. An altar can be a creative way to manifest your intentions. It can serve as a dedicated space to develop your own unique soulcare practices that embodies your culture, personality, style and values.In this workshop you will learn the basic elements to building an altar and given prompts that will help you find your own unique elements. 

When: September 17 

Time: 12-1:30pm PST/ 3-4:30pm EST

Where: Online (via Zoom) 

Tickets: $15 member | $25 non-member

Workshop Includes:


Journal Prompts

Elements of an Altar

Soulcare Craft Activity

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