About Us


The Junious sisters, Alyssa and Toni, created Soultry Sisters to empower women to live creative and healthy lives. They were born and raised in San Diego, California and wanted to give back to the arts and wellness community in North County. 

Empower women to live vibrant and shine bright through creative expression + conscious holistic living 
Create a safe space and provide women arts + wellness resources that are affordable and accessible


Community | Sisterhood | Collaboration

Performance Artist & Choreographer​


Alyssa Junious is a San Diego-based artist from Oceanside, California. She has a deep passion for the performing arts and is the founder of Continuum, a performance art-based company. She received her B.F.A in Performance from the University of California, Irvine. Aside from dancing, Alyssa is a fitness instructor and teaches Pilates and Cardio Hip Hop. She loves sharing her passion for the arts and enjoys helping women build their confidence through mindful movement. 

Visit Alyssa's website to get more information on her weekly classes, workshops and performances. 




Toni Lynn

Public Health Professional

Toni Junious is a public health professional that is passionate about improving health and health equity in her community. She graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and Global Cultures. She is a travel enthusiast that loves exploring cultures around the world. For two years, she worked on the U.S. territory of Guam specializing in community outreach and disease prevention. Living on the tropical island, she discovered the beauty of hiking and deepened her yoga practice. She enjoys sharing her love for soul care, adventure and wellness to help women cultivate a vibrant and purpose-filled lifestyle.