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The Power of Affirmations: Retrain the Mind, Reframe your Thoughts

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Change your mindset and learn how to manifest your goals and dreams through affirmations.

Are you looking for some motivation? Are you in need of a tool to help boost your mood? One of our favorite daily soulcare activities is writing and reading affirmations. It is a great tool to use to find and strengthen your personal power!

What are affirmations?

  • Statement of truth which aspires to create or absorb in one’s life

  • Positive statement declaring goals in their complete state

  • Example: I am worthy. I am supported.

Benefits of affirmations:

  • Helps reprogram and change the subconscious mind

  • Works the mind just like exercise works the body

  • Helps eliminate negative and limiting beliefs

  • Elevates mood and creates higher vibrations for happiness, joy, appreciation, and gratitude


When should I use affirmations?

The best time to practice affirmations is at the beginning or the end of the day. This is usually when you're at home and can dedicate some time to being with yourself. Practicing affirmations at the beginning of the day is helpful with setting an intention for the day. Doing affirmations at the end of the day is a great way to reflect on your day and end with a positive mindset. It also helps to promote restful sleep. Affirmations are great to pair with gratitude because it focuses on aspects of your life in a complete present state.

How do I add affirmations to my daily soulcare routine?

You can practice affirmations through writing, reciting or embodying them.

Writing Affirmations

Writing a personal affirmation is a great tool when manifesting your goals. It can help you stay focused and get clear on what you want, make it personal and get specific. Your affirmation can help boost your spirit and serve as a reminder of why you are pursuing a certain goal.

For example, you can expand on the simple affirmation “I am worthy” and write “I am worthy of living an abundant life filled with opportunities to grow my business, cultivate meaningful relationships, and travel the world." That affirmation is attached to specific goals. We like to pair affirmations with journaling because it gives you the opportunity to reflect.

Reciting Affirmations

Reciting an affirmation is also a powerful tool to build confidence in yourself. To start, you can stick with a simple affirmation. Lets focus on the affirmation “I am worthy." You can recite it to yourself while looking in the mirror or as a mantra to tie to your daily meditation practice.

Embodying Affirmations

Lastly, you can embody an affirmation by attaching it to your movement. When you think of the affirmation “I am worthy," attach it to your highest self. How does she walk, talk, and move through the world? Embody her being into yours. You can also dedicate your movement practice to your affirmation. For example, recite your affirmation at the beginning and end of your yoga practice.

Is there a wrong way to practice affirmations?

Not necessarily, but we sometimes unconsciously use affirmations in a negative way. For example, saying "Every time I put myself out there, I get hurt." This might not seem like an affirmation because it's not a positive one, but words are powerful. We also call this negative self-talk. Think about all the things you say to yourself and take an honest inventory. Do you give yourself positive or negative affirmations?

Add affirmation cards to your soulcare practice

Do you have a daily soulcare routine? Adding affirmation cards to your soulcare routine is a great way to practice mindfulness. You can use the cards at home or bring them with you wherever you go. If you are at the beginning of your healing journey, affirmation cards can assist in becoming more connected to your thoughts and create a more mindful mindset with intention.

What's great about affirmation cards is that you don’t need to create them. You can draw one card or multiple each day. This is a great way to start your affirmation practice because you can reflect on how the affirmation you pull affects your mindset for the day. You can take inventory of your favorites and use them as often as you need to!

Affirmation card decks we love:

Tag @SoultrySisters in your affirmation photos. We'd love to see and share your affirmations!


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