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Radical Soulcare

What is Radical Soulcare?

Soulcare is anything that helps us connect to our mind, body, and soul. Most may be more familiar with the term self-care, but we wanted to intentionally separate our work from that term because it has been too often co-opted by the wellness community to promote consumerism. We believe soulcare can be as simple as going for a walk, listening to your favorite playlist or finding some quiet time to read a book.

We believe soulcare is a practice of self preservation and for sustainable change we need to be radical about it. According to Angela Davis, that means “grasping things at the root.” For Soultry Sisters, being radical means creating from a place of wholeness and centering the work we do on collective healing.


Radical Soulcare + Social Change

In order to care for ourselves in a holistic way, we have to invest in and nurture our self as well as our community. We were inspired by Deepa Iyers’s Social Change Ecosystem and saw her framework as a guide to reflect and respond to our community. Deepa Iyer is an activist and educator in the social change movement. Her social change ecosystem framework is a tool to bring individuals and communities into alignment with their roles and values. We used her framework as a catalyst for self-reflection and to raise awareness and understanding that every one of us can actively be a part of something bigger than ourselves. The Social Change Ecosystem helped us discern our own roles and how we all are interconnected in the movement for equity, justice, solidarity and liberation.


"We all have a role in creating change & transforming our communities!"

Community + Conscious Conversation

We curated our Radical SOULcare: Community + Conscious Conversation series with one of our community partners, Hill Street Country Club (HSCC). HSCC is a community art space located in our hometown of Oceanside. This series featured local San Diego artists and leaders who are a part of the HSCC community. During these conversations, we explored the different roles we play in our community and how we sustain ourselves in the social justice movement. Referring to Deepa Iyer’s Social Change Ecosystem, we defined and discussed the different roles we have in building community & sustaining change.

Watch the Community + Conversation series replay below!


Conversation #1 : Johnny Nguyen (Artist, Activist, Photographer)

Conversation #2: Dinah Poellnitz (Artist, Activist, Community Organizer)

Conversation #3 : Alyssa & Toni Junious (Arts + Wellness Advocates)

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