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Meet our Festival Guest Artists

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Our festival includes 8 arts and wellness workshops centered around creative expression, collective healing, and mindful movement. We asked each guest artist to create a workshop in response to our Soultry mantra, "Live Vibrant, Shine Bright". We are excited to feature BIPOC artists, wellness advocates, and healers who inspire the work we do here at Soultry Sisters. 


Empowerment through Soulcare | Soultry Sisters | Saturday 11:00-12:00pm

Are you looking for a way to be more intentional with your everyday routine? In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of taking care of ourselves and reflect on personal rituals that help us feel more connected to ourselves. You will leave this workshop with a few of our favorite soulcare tools that you can use daily to connect with your mind, body, and soul. 


SoulFlow: Pilates | Alyssa Junious | Saturday 12:15-1:15pm

Co-founder Alyssa will lead us through a mindful movement practice where we will explore movement through a pilates practice. Pilates is a full body workout that focuses on 6 principles: concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing. This class is open to all levels. Alyssa will teach progressively and give modifications during the class.


Pleasure Practice (with Practical Somatics) | Yari Cervas | Saturday 2:00-3:00pm

Join Yari Cervas, creator of Practical Somatics, for a guided meditation in self-love. Come to practice grounding, intuitive movement, and compassionate self-reflection. By following what feels good, we'll find pleasure in and express gratitude toward our beautiful bodies for holding us every day.


A Dream Returned: Exploring dreamwork as a creative wellness and

liberation practice | Kelsey Daniels | Saturday 3:00-4:00 pm

So often society attempts to convince us that exploring our dreams is only acceptable once you have “earned” leisure after labor. When surviving systems of oppression is framed as a privilege, dreaming is viewed as frivolous and more often than not inaccessible. That ain’t it. Dreaming is revolutionary, ancestral, and necessary when it comes to building new worlds that are affirming and lit for all of us. It is a deliberate act of self and community care that subverts white failurism and all of it’s unlegendary children (anti-Blackness, queer/trans antagonism, ableism etc…) This workshop offers a space to unpack the myths handed to us about dreaming, explore what dreamwork already looks like in our lives and, strategize for how to intentionally engage with dreaming as a wellness and liberation practice. This interactive and collaborative workshop will utilize artistic expression, generative discussion, and guided journaling as we collectively return to the dream space!


SoulFlow: Yoga  | Toni Junious |  Sunday 11:00-12:00pm

Co-founder Toni will lead us through a mindful movement practice where we will explore movement through a slow yoga flow. Her class will include a chakra opening movement sequence, breathwork, and short meditation practice while connecting with nature. This class is open to all levels. Toni will teach progressively and give modifications during the class.


Bloom: Self Portrait Workshop | Margaret Salazar |  Sunday 12:15-1:15pm

Creating a self-portrait, in my artist practice, is an exercise in self-exploration and self-reflection. In this workshop you will create a piece in response to the question: “How do you see yourself in the next half of the year?” We will use color, nature, and paper to create a “bloom”. You will learn how to create different types of leaves and flowers from paper. Then, you will use those elements to create a piece that speaks to you. However extravagant or simple your “bloom” — the goal is to create a beautiful reminder of your hopes and intentions.


 Soulscape | Alyssa & Toni Junious |  Sunday 2:00-3:00pm

Soulscape is a movement-based healing and communal practice centered around social-emotional health & creative expression. It's an opportunity to embrace your inner self and thoughts, embody healing through movement, and empower you to find freedom through self-expression. Join us for a grounding practice of meditation, movement, and a chance to express yourself led by Soultry Sisters.

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Dream of the Hummingbird  | Ianne Rivera |  Sunday 3:00-4:00pm

As you arrive at the culmination of your festival experience, this workshop is intended to hold space for you to ground all the revelations, awakenings, and dreams into your body.  The body is where you arrive to meet yourself.  Together, in ceremony through sonic  journeying, breathwork, and guided visualization, you'll nurture yourself to soften into the body's experience of blossoming into the burgeoning unknown.

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