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Menstrual Health & Healing

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of your period or menstrual health?

Growing up, our words were pain and uh-oh. We didn't have many conversations about our periods or menstrual health. Now, after becoming more aware of our cycles our words have transformed from pain and uh-oh to listening and connected.

We wanted to have an open conversation about menstrual health and healing. Periods are a natural part of life and provide valuable information about our bodies. Periods are not something to be dreaded — they are a beautiful part of womanhood. Read our full period truth stories on the #BeingBetterBlog.

Creating Period Rituals

Let's embrace the beauty of our life force energy and all the power that comes with it. Creating a period ritual can help us connect to our bodies and heal during our monthly cycle. Cultivate a routine that’s more mindful and conscious to better serve your body and its energy in each phase. Create a ritual that relaxes your mind, shows gratitude to your body, and soothes your soul. Through this intentional practice, you can embrace your body and its divine energy.


Throughout our period journeys, these holistic period products have helped give us relief and heal. It's important for us to not only use products that are good for our body, but also good for the environment. By sharing our period experiences, we hope to help others find what works for them. Checkout our Soultry Hangout episode on menstrual health to learn more about our favorite period products & how we create healing rituals for our periods.

Learn more about our 10 favorite period products below!

1. MyFlo Period Tracker app helps track your cycle and balance your hormones. The app tracks which phase you're in (follicular, ovulation, luteal, menstrual) to help cycle sync & provide tips to optimize each phase. It also tracks any PMS symptoms to help you become more aware of your body and any patterns. We love using the app to help us look at our periods holistically to inform our health and wellbeing.

2. Period panties are a sustainable alternative to single-use menstrual pads and tampons. We love using the period underwear from Thinx & Modibodi. Get $10 off Thinx period underwear with our referral link:

3. Menstrual cup is another sustainable alternative to single-use tampons. OrganiCup - Project Cup for Cup is a menstrual cup for a cause — when you purchase your cup, a cup is donated to a fellow woman in need of menstrual support. While pads and tampons absorb necessary vaginal secretions, menstrual cups only collect, thus eliminating irritation and dryness while ensuring that the pH-balance is kept intact.

4. Honey Pot pads are herbal-infused pads with no chlorine, no pesticides, and no fragrance. This helps soothe and calm any pain or discomfort during your period without any harmful ingredients. Also, The Honey Pot Company is a Black woman-owned business, so even more reason to support!

5. Honey Pot panty spray is a plant-based feminine hygiene spray infused with calming essential oils to bring the same soothing sensation as the Honey Pot pads to the period underwear we use. We love this conscious, holistic product and the integrity of the ingredients and how the products are made.

6. Soultry Sisters Women’s Wellness Blend is an essential oil rollerball that includes Copaiba, Clary Sage, and other calming oils to promote grounding, calming, and pain relief. This healing blend helps support our minds and bodies during our cycle.

7. Tonic Chronic CBD oil is a natural alternative to pain medication. It helps relieve back pain and cramps during our period. It's a multipurpose rollerball that can be used to relive any pain or discomfort and promote relaxation.

8. Golden Healer Quartz crystal helps use crystal healing to relieve pain and discomfort, both internally and externally. Keep it close to you throughout the day or do a self-massage with it to relieve cramps and back pain.

9. Calabash Yoniverse tea helps promote womb wellness and is a calming and grounding herbal tea. It helps with yoni health and provides iron, which is really good during our period. Drinking hot herbal tea helps soothe cramps and any menstrual discomfort. Calabash Tea & Tonic is also a Black-owned business in the Washington, DC area!

10. Element Tummy Tonic tea helps give some TLC to your tummy. Herbs have many healing properties and we love drinking herbal tea to help take care of our body from the inside - out. Tea is an important element of our period rituals to help us relax and transform our periods into a positive and healing experience.

Tag @SoultrySisters in your photos sharing your fav menstrual products! Also, share with us what's your soulcare period ritual.


Alyssa & Toni


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