Soulstainable Fashion - How Fashion is linked to Climate Justice

We invited Jackie Rodríguez to share her tips and insight on sustainable fashion! Jackie was a guest for our Soultry Hangout on SOULstainable Fashion last fall. We discussed what inspired her to start thinking sustainably about fashion & her fav tips to shopping sustainably. There are many conversations and trends happening now around sustainable fashion and we wanted to get the susty scoop on how to create sustainable change in the fashion industry. Below Jackie breaks down how fashion is linked to climate justice and what living vibrant and shining bright means to her!

Guest blog by Jackie Rodríguez

What does sustainability mean to you?

Today, sustainability to me equates to climate action. So, that means considering how my actions can possibly contribute to climate change and either avoiding or reducing those habits. For example, by shopping online less, I reduce the transportation of deliveries contributing to carbon emissions, which are the main cause of climate change. Also, something important to consider as we step into the holiday season.

Why is sustainable fashion important?

Because switching to sustainable fashion

also supports climate, racial & economic justice!

How is fashion linked to climate justice?

When we think about fast fashion we often think about landfill waste or garment workers who are severely underpaid—both critical labor and environmental issues. But I invite us to also consider how our fashion choices stand in the way of phasing out fossil fuels and in turn delay climate action.

Today, about 60 percent of our clothing is made from cheap synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and acrylic. These are all petroleum based materials that are produced from crude oil, gas, and coal. The production and purchase of fossil fashion not only enables low-quality, throwaway fashion, but it also intensifies fossil fuel pollution that communities of color and poor people are disproportionately exposed to, and enables the fashion to continue its reliance on fossil-fuel extraction.

How can we move away from fossil fashion?

1. Buy less

2. Care for & repair your clothes

3. Buy secondhand, bio-based or plant-based clothing

4. Ask your favorite brands what their plans are for phasing out synthetic materials based on fossil feedstocks.

Or, ask how they are incorporating sustainable materials into their supply chain that don’t contribute to climate change or environmental waste (you don’t know how many times I have written this in response to paid partnership emails and get no response….crickets)

5. Support legislation that requires companies to identify, track, and report on measures to phase out fossil-fuel materials, switch to more sustainable materials, and account for worker rights and environmental impact