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Summer Soulstice: New Moon Rituals

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Everyone has the power to manifest what they want and shed what no longer serves them. It’s just a matter of giving yourself permission.

The summer season is a time of new beginnings & renewal. It brings more energy, motivation and action. This is a time for us to harness our individual and collective power to shine our light on the systemic and long-lasting impacts of injustice and inequity. Let’s continue to stay energized to create meaningful action and change in our communities. The seeds of change we planted in previous seasons are beginning to bloom.

New Moon Check-in:

Manifestation begins with intention.

Use these reflection questions to get clear on your new moon intentions.

  1. What are you letting go or releasing this new moon?

  2. What do you want to attract or create this new moon cycle?

  3. Define what you want to manifest - be detailed and specific.

  4. How am I cultivating change?

New Moon Rituals

A new moon marks the beginning of a cycle. Creating a regular practice of setting new moon intentions is a mindful way to focus on what you want to attract and create! This ritual is a form of soulcare and can look like anything you want it to.

You can incorporate any of the following rituals when setting your new moon intentions:

  • journal

  • cleanse your space

  • charge crystals

  • drink tea

  • use essentials oils

  • light incense or candles

Sandy Sitron's Moon Journal: A journey of self-reflection through the astrological year is a great tool to use for following the moon cycles.

Purchase journal here.

Let us know what your new moon ritual consists of. We'd love to get inspired and share your new moon practices!


Alyssa & Toni

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